The Lasker Lectures advance a public dialogue about the ways in which scientific questions are pursued, boost public understanding of the importance of biomedical research, and generate excitement about the challenges and promise of biomedical science. Video recordings are available from many Lasker Lectures. Browse through past events below.




APSA Lectures

2019  Douglas Lowy: Preventing HPV-associated cancer by vaccination
2018  Peter Ratcliffe: Oxygen sensing pathways - implications for medicine
2017  Sol Snyder: Drugs, neurotransmitters, and the brain
2016  Michael Brown:  Why science prizes?
2015  Alfred Sommer: Peregrinations of a physician-scientist  
2014  Napoleone Ferrara: Therapeutic applications of VEGF inhibitors

Lasker Public Lectures in Honor of Al Sommer

2020  Arturo Casadevall: Deployment of antibody-based therapies against COVID-19
2019  Elaine Fuchs: Stem Cells: The good, the bad, and the promise for regenerative medicine
2018  Ruth Lehmann: Germ cells are forever
2017  Paul Turner: The good, the bad, and the ugly of viruses
2016  Harold Varmus: Understanding cancer
2015  Gregory Petsko: The coming epidemic of neurodegenerative diseases 
2014  Charles Sawyers: From cancer genomics to cancer drugs 
2013  Jeffrey Friedman: Leptin and the biological basis of obesity 

University Lectures

2019  David Allis: When genetics and epigenetics collide: insights gained into human cancer
2018  Jeffrey Friedman: Insulin, a discovery interrupted
2018  Roderic Pettigrew: Engineering and medicine
2017  Bruce Alberts: Keeping science and society healthy: challenges for scientists
2017  William Kaelin, Jr.: The VHL tumor suppressor protein - insights in oxygen sensing
2015  Mary-Claire King: Inherited breast cancer - from gene discovery to public health
2014  Ingeborg Hochmair: The modern cochlear implant - global use and challenges
2014  Blake Wilson: The modern cochlear implant - from research and invention to global use
2014  Graeme Clark: The neuroscience behind the modern cochlear implant
2014  Thomas Südhof: The molecular basis of synapse formation
2011  Shinya Yamanaka: From somatic cells to pluripotent stem cells
2010  Jack Szostak: The origin of cellular life and the emergence of Darwinian evolution 
2009 Sydney Brenner: Genes and brains