To celebrate our 75th anniversary, we are publishing exclusive profiles and videos about our Laureates every month. In this issue, J. Michael Bishop and Harold Varmus talk about their 20-year partnership that led to the discovery of oncogenes, and Eric Kandel discusses how studying sea slugs revealed the mechanisms underlying learning and memory. We also feature the first chapter of a multipart interview with Nancy Wexler about her lifelong mission to find a cure for Huntington's disease.


J. Michael Bishop and Harold Varmus: Partnering to uncover human cancer-causing genes

Bishop and Varmus share their personal and professional journeys that led to the discovery that oncogenes are present in normal cells.


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Eric Kandel: Learning about the human brain from sea slugs

Kandel discusses how studying an unusual model organism helped reveal mechanisms underlying learning and memory.


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An interview with Nancy Wexler: Chapter 1

Nancy Wexler shares her family’s history with Huntington's disease and explains why she chose to dedicate her life to researching this genetic disorder.




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