William Kaelin speaks with high school students about careers in science.
On the morning of April 12, 2017 William Kaelin, Jr. discussed pursuing a life as a research scientist with students at the City Academy of Medicine in Durham, NC, a high school dedicated to preparing students for careers in the health sciences.

That afternoon, he delivered the 2017 Lasker Lecture at Duke University, addressing one of the most fundamental mysteries of life: how do organisms sense and adapt to changes in oxygen availabilty, and what happens when something goes wrong with this essential process?

The Lasker Foundation is proud to have partnered with Duke Health for the 2017 Lasker Lecture.

Lecture Video

Lecture Video

William Kaelin, Jr.'s talk was titled: "The VHL Tumor Suppressor Protein: Insights Into Oxygen Sensing, Cancer Metabolism, and Drugging the Undruggable"

View the 2017 Lasker Lecture at Duke Health