Web Site Requirements

The Lasker Foundation Web site has been developed and tested on the PC and Macintosh platforms.

Supported Browsers
Internet Explorer: versions 6 and above
Firefox: version 2 and above

Safari: versions 1 and above
Firefox: versions 1 and above

The optimal display resolution for viewing the Lasker Foundation Web site is 1024 x 768 and higher. Although it is not required, it is recommended to have your display color set to millions of colors.

Required Plug-ins
If you are having issues viewing any of the content within the site, you might need to install or update your Flash or Adobe Reader plug-ins. The recommended plug-in versions are Flash Player 9 and Adobe Reader version 5.0 and above.

To download free versions of the plug-ins click on the links below.
Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Reader

Although the site has been optimized to function on a dial-up connection (excluding the video segments), it is recommended to view the site on a cable or DSL connection. The video segments will play from a dial-up connection; however, you may encounter substantial download times.

Ad Blockers
We want to alert our visitors to potential complications of Pop-up Ad Blocker software. Newer versions of certain Internet browsers have Ad Blocker software as part of their standard configuration. Some visitors will add Ad Blocker software from a third party source or may have such software as part of a local network. If your Ad Blocker software is configured too tightly, certain pages on this and other Web sites will not load, appear correctly or function as designed. In these instances, you can temporarily turn off your Ad Blocker software or, if you cannot do that, we always provide an alternate link to these sections of the Lasker Web site

If you need any help with these features, please email the Lasker Foundation Webmaster by clicking here.