1980 Lasker Awards

Paul Berg, Herbert W. Boyer, A. Dale Kaiser, Stanley N. Cohen

For historic achievements that made recombinant DNA a brilliant reality, and inaugurated a new age of biomedical promise. Read about the achievement

Cyril A. Clarke

For illuminating the genetics of RH factor, and for directing essential research into hemolytic disease of the newborn. Read about the achievement

Ronald Finn, Vincent J. Freda, John G. Gorman, William Pollack

For developing an anti-RH vaccine, leading to the conquest of hemolytic disease of the newborn. Read about the achievement


1980 Lasker Medical Research Awards Jury

First Row, left to right: James Fordyce, Treasurer and Secretary, Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation (Non-Voting Member of the Jury) ● Mrs. William McCormick Blair, Jr., Vice President, Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation (Non-Voting Member of the Jury) ● Alice Fordyce, Executive Vice President, Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation (Non-Voting Member of the Jury) ● Michael DeBakey, Chair of the Jury, Baylor College of Medicine ● K. Sune D. Bergström, The Nobel Foundation ● Mary Lasker, President, Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation (Non-Voting Member of the Jury) ● Harriet Dustan, University of Alabama Medical Center

Second Row, left to right: Ray Gifford, Jr., Cleveland Clinic Foundation ● Frank Rauscher, Jr., American Cancer Society ● Robert Levy, National Institutes of Health ● Richard Krause, National Institutes of Health ● Donald Tower, National Institutes of Health ● Joseph Rall, National Institutes of Health ● Fred Plum, New York Hospital - Cornell Medical Center

Third Row, left to right: Kurt Isselbacher, Massachusetts General Hospital ● Jordan Gutterman, University of Texas Cancer Center ● Derek Denton, University of Melbourne ● Antonio Gotto, Jr., Baylor College of Medicine ● Timothy O'Connor, Argonne National Laboratory ● Hibbard Williams, New York Hospital - Cornell Medical Center ● Paul Marks, Columbia University

Fourth Row, left to right: Howard Rusk, Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine ● William Cahan, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center ● Robert Butler, National Institutes of Health ● Isadore Rosenfeld, New York Hospital - Cornell Medical Center ● James Darnell, Jr., The Rockefeller University ● E.M. Papper, University of Miami ● Roger Guillemin, The Salk Institute ● Sidney Ingbar, Harvard Medical School

1980 Awards Ceremony

Left to right: Michael DeBakey, Mary Lasker, John Brademas, and K. Sune D. Bergstrom