1978 Lasker Awards

Hans W. Kosterlitz, Solomon H. Snyder

For identifying the relation of the opiate receptors to the naturally occurring enkephalins. Read about the achievement

John Hughes

For demonstrating the specific structure of the enkephalins and the identification of their natural origin. Read about the achievement

Robert Austrian, Michael Heidelberger

For the development of a polysaccharide vaccine against pneumococcal diseases. Read about the achievement

Emil C. Gotschlich

For the development of a polysaccharide vaccine against meningococcal diseases. Read about the achievement

Theodore Cooper

For implementing in 1972 the National High Blood Pressure Education Program which has contributed significantly to the cut in deaths from stroke, kidney and heart diseases. Read about the achievement

Elliot L. Richardson

For his crucial decision in 1972, as HEW Secretary, to inaugurate a national hypertension control program to lower death rates from stroke, kidney and heart diseases. Read about the achievement


1978 Lasker Medical Research Awards Jury

First Row, left to right: Mathilde Krim, Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research ● Dorothy Krieger, Mt. Sinai Medical Center ● Donald S. Frederickson, National Institutes of Health ● Mary Lasker, President, Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation (Non-Voting Member of the Jury) ● Michael DeBakey, Chair of the Jury, Baylor College of Medicine ● Alice Fordyce, Director, Albert Lasker Medical Research Awards (Non-Voting Member of the Jury) ● Theodore Cooper, Cornell University Medical College ● Mrs. William McCormick Blair, Jr., Director, Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation (Non-Voting Member of the Jury)

Second Row, left to right: Robert Butler, National Institutes of Health ●  Joseph Rall, National Institutes of Health ● Sol Spiegelman, Columbia University ● A. Edward Maumenee, Johns Hopkins Hospital ● Donald Tower, National Institutes of Health ● Robert Levy, National Institutes of Health ● Antonio Gotto, Jr., Baylor College of Medicine

Third Row, left to right: Howard Rusk, Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine ● Richard Krause, National Institutes of Health ● Fred Plum, New York Hospital - Cornell Medical Center ● Louis Lasagna, University of Rochester ● Frank Dixon, Scripps Institute ● Vincent DeVita, Jr., National Institutes of Health ● Timothy O'Connor, Argonne National Laboratory

Fourth Row, left to right: Roger Guillemin, The Salk Institute ● Jordan Gutterman, University of Texas Cancer Center ● Hibbard Williams, New York Hospital - Cornell Medical Center ● Isadore Rosenfeld, New York Hospital - Cornell Medical Center ● Derek Denton, University of Melbourne ● Grant Liddle, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Not pictured: Peter Bourne, Special Asisstant to the President of the United States