1975 Lasker Awards

Frank J. Dixon, Henry G. Kunkel

For contributions to the creation of a new medical discipline, immunopathology. Read about the achievement

Roger C.L. Guillemin, Andrew V. Schally

For expanding our knowledge of the interplay between the hypothalamus and the endocrine system. Read about the achievement

Godfrey N. Hounsfield, William Oldendorf

For discoveries that led to a revolution in diagnostic radiology, enabling scanning by computer-assisted tomography (CAT). Read about the achievement

Jules Stein

For unique contributions toward the preservation of vision and the restoration of sight. Read about the achievement


1975 Lasker Medical Research Awards Jury

Front Row, left to right: Theodore Cooper, Department of Health, Education and Welfare ● Alice Fordyce, Vice President, Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation (Non-Voting Member of the Jury) ● Michael DeBakey, Chair of the Jury, Baylor College of Medicine ● Mary Lasker, President, Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation (Non-Voting Member of the Jury) ● Frank Rauscher, Jr., National Institutes of Health ● Robert Good, Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research

Second Row, left to right: Donald Tower, National Institutes of Health ● Mrs. William McCormick Blair, Jr., Trustee, Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation (Non-Voting Member of the Jury) ● E.M. Papper, University of Miami School of Medicine ● Howard Rusk, Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine ● Dorothy Krieger, Mt. Sinai Hospital ● Fred Plum, Cornell University Medical College ● Edward Freis, Veterans Hospital

Third Row, left to right: Paul Marks, Columbia University ● John Merrill, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital ● Isadore Rosenfeld, Cornell University Medical College ● Joseph Rall, National Institutes of Health ● David Sabiston, Jr., Duke University School of Medicine

Fourth Row, left to right: C.H. Li, University of California San Francisco Medical Center ● Evan Horning, Baylor College of Medicine ● Grant Liddle, Vanderbilt University ● Timothy O'Connor, National Institutes of Health

1975 Awards Ceremony