1972 Lasker Awards

Min Chiu Li

For contributions to the successful chemotherapeutic treatment of gestational choriocarcinoma. Read about the achievement

Roy Hertz, Denis Burkitt, Joseph H. Burchenal, V. Anomah Ngu, John L. Ziegler

For identifying Burkitt’s tumor and developing a successful chemotherapeutic treatment. Read about the achievement

Edmund Klein

For contributions concerning the treatment of premalignant and malignant cancers of the skin. Read about the achievement

Emil Frei III, Emil J. Freireich

For contributions to combination chemotherapy in the treatment of lymphoma and acute leukemia in adults. Read about the achievement

James F. Holland, Donald Pinkel

For contributions to combination chemotherapy in the treatment of acute leukemia in children. Read about the achievement

Paul P. Carbone, Vincent T. DeVita, Jr.

For contributions to combination chemotherapy in the treatment of Hodgkin’s disease. Read about the achievement

Eugene J. Van Scott

For contributions to topical chemotherapy in the treatment of mycosis fungoides. Read about the achievement

Isaac Djerassi

For contributions to the supportive care, by platelet transfusion, of patients receiving intensive chemotherapy. Read about the achievement

C. Gordon Zubrod

For leadership in expanding the frontiers of cancer chemotherapy. Read about the achievement


1972 Lasker Medical Research Awards Jury

First Row, left to right: Jesse Steinfeld, Surgeon General United States Public Health Service ● Carl Baker, National Institutes of Health ● Sidney Farber, Chair of the Jury, Children's Cancer Research Foundation ● Frank Rauscher, National Institutes of Health

Second Row, left to right: Anthony Curreri, University of Wisconsin ● Albert Owens, Jr., Johns Hopkins Hospital ● Irwin Krakoff, Memorial Hospital ● Lyndon Lee, Jr., Veterans Administration ● John Ultmann, University of Chicago ● Virgil Loeb, Jr., Washington University ● Arthur Holleb, American Cancer Society ● R. Lee Clark, University of Texas ● C. Gordon Zubrod, Division of Cancer Treatment, National Institutes of Health ● Donald Morton, UCLA Medical Center ● Charles Moertel, Mayo Clinic 

1972 Awards Ceremony

Left to right: Sidney Farber, Mary Lasker, C. Gordon Zubrod, and Alice Fordyce