1971 Lasker Awards

Seymour Benzer, Charles Yanofsky, Sydney Brenner

For their brilliant contributions to molecular genetics. Read about the achievement

Edward D. Freis

For the demonstration of the life-saving effectiveness of drugs in the treatment of moderate hypertension. Read about the achievement


1971 Albert Lasker Medical Research Awards Jury

Left to right: Irving Wright, Cornell University Medical College ● Mathilde Krim, Sloan-Kettering Institute ● Severo Ochoa, New York University School of Medicine ● Howard Rusk, Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine ● Michael DeBakey, Chair of the Jury, Baylor College of Medicine ● Alice Fordyce, Vice President, Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation ● Lyman Craig, The Rockefeller University ● Frederick Seitz, The Rockefeller University ● George James, Mt. Sinai Medical Center ● H. Stanley Bennett, University of North Carolina ● Theodore Cooper, National Institutes of Health ● Mary Lasker, President, Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation ● George Palade, The Rockefeller University ● Leonard Scheele, Warner-Lambert Company ● Carl Baker, National Institutes of Health ● Sidney Farber, Children's Cancer Research Foundation ● E.M. Papper, University of Miami School of Medicine ● Lyndon Lee, Jr., Veterans Administration ● Alan Miller, State of New York ● Clark Millikan, Mayo Graduate School of Medicine ● Isadore Rosenfeld, Cornell University Medical College ● H. Houston Merritt, Columbia University

Not pictured: Robert Marston, National Institutes of Health ● Jesse Steinfeld, United States Public Health Service