1965 Lasker Awards

Robert W. Holley

For determining the chemical structure of an amino acid transfer RNA. Read about the achievement

Albert B. Sabin

For the development of a live, oral polio-virus vaccine. Read about the achievement

Lyndon Baines Johnson

For outstanding contributions to the health of the people of the United States. Read about the achievement


1965 Lasker Medical Research Awards Jury

Left to right: Michael DeBakey, Chair of the Jury, Baylor University College of Medicine ● Severo Ochoa, New York University School of Medicine ● Robert Glaser, Stanford University School of Medicine ● Antonio Rottino, St. Vincent's Hospital ● Edward Dempsey, Department of Health, Education and Welfare ● Houston Merritt, Columbia University ● Frederick Stone, National Institute of General Medical Science ● E.M. Papper, Columbia University ● John Stirling Meyer, Wayne State University College of Medicine ● John Talbott, The Journal of the American Medical Association ● James Shannon, National Institutes of Health ● Champ Lyons, University of Alabama ● Nathan Kline, Rockland State Hospital ● Heinz Lehmann, Verdun Protestant Hospital ● Lewis Thomas, New York University School of Medicine ● Evan Horning, Baylor University College of Medicine ● Irving Wright, Cornell University Medical College ● H. Stanley Bennett, The University of Chicago ● Howard Rusk, Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

Not pictured: Luther Terry, University of Pennsylvania