1964 Lasker Awards

Renato Dulbecco, Harry Rubin

For fundamental contributions to our knowledge of the relationship between cancer and cancer-producing DNA and RNA viruses. Read about the achievement

Nathan S. Kline

For the introduction and use of iproniazid in the treatment of severe depressions. Read about the achievement


1964 Albert Lasker Medical Research Awards Jury

Left to right: I.S. Ravdin, University Hospital, Philadelphia ●  John Talbott, The Journal of the American Medical Association ● Gregory Pincus, The Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology ● Vincent du Vigneaud, Cornell University Medical College ● Michael DeBakey, Baylor University College of Medicine ●  Irving Wright, Cornell University Medical College ● Sidney Farber, Harvard Medical School at the Children's Hospital, Chair of the Jury ● H. Stanley Bennett, Division of Biological Sciences, The University of Chicago ● Heinz Lehmann, Verdun Protestant Hospital ● Edward Dempsey, Washington University School of Medicine ● E.M. Papper, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons ● Champ Lyons, University of Alabama ● Severo Ochoa, New York University School of Medicine

Not pictured: Daniel Blain, American Psychiatric Association ● Howard Rusk, Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation ● James Shannon, National Institutes of Health