1957 Lasker Awards

Isaac Starr

For contributions to knowledge of the heart and the circulation, and for the development of the first practical ballistocardiograph. Read about the achievement

Nathan S. Kline, Robert H. Noce

For studies of the use of reserpine in the treatment of certain mental illnesses. Read about the achievement

Pierre Deniker, Henri Laborit, Heinz E. Lehmann

For the development of chlorpromazine as a therapeutic agent in schizophrenia. Read about the achievement

Richard E. Shope

For original contributions to understanding infectious diseases in animals and man and the discovery of new microbiological principles. Read about the achievement

Rustom Jal Vakil

For studies on the use of reserpine in the treatment of hypertension Read about the achievement

C.J. Van Slyke

For unique contributions in laying the foundation for a national program of medical research and training. Read about the achievement

Frank G. Boudreau

For promoting better mental health, good nutrition, and improved housing. Read about the achievement

Reginald M. Atwater

For guiding the American Public Health Association to a position of leadership as the largest organization of its kind in the western world. Read about the achievement


Herman Hilleboe, New York State Commissioner of Health, Chair of the Jury

Leona Baumgartner, New York City Health Commissioner ● Henry Brill, Deputy Commissioner, New York State Department of Mental Hygiene ● Leroy Burney, US Public Health Service ● George Cameron, Deputy Minister of National Health, Ottawa, Canada ● G. Robert Coatney, National Institutes of Health ● Charles Glen King, The Nutrition Foundation ● John Knutson, Public Health Service ● Harold Marvin, Yale University School of Medicine ● Malcolm Merrill, California State Department of Public Health ● Currier McEwen, New York University-Bellevue Medical Center ● Harold Thomas, Jr., Harvard School of Public Health ● Harry Weaver, American Cancer Society