1954 Lasker Awards

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

For the discovery of actomyosin, the essential contractible element of muscle. Read about the achievement

John F. Enders

For the cultivation of the viruses of poliomyelitis, mumps, and measles. Read about the achievement

Edwin B. Astwood

For contributions leading to the control of hyperthyroidism. Read about the achievement

Alfred Blalock, Helen B. Taussig, Robert E. Gross

For distinguished contributions to surgery, especially in newborn children with congenital heart defects. Read about the achievement

Leona Baumgartner

For distinguished achievements in public health administration, thus strengthening the community health. Read about the achievement


Lowell Reed, Johns Hopkins University, Chair of the Jury

Gaylord Anderson, University of Minnesota ● Sidney Farber, Pathology Department, Children's Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts ● Pearl Kendrick, University of Michigan ● Roy Morton, Health Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory ● Cornelius Rhoads, Memorial Hospital ● Leonard Scheele, Warner-Chilcott Laboratories ● Austin Smith, Journal of the American Medical Association ● Irving Wright, Cornell University Medical College