1953 Lasker Awards

George Wald

For achievements in explaining the physiology of vision in man. Read about the achievement

Hans Adolf Krebs

For the discovery of the urea and citric acid cycles, which are basic to our understanding of how the body converts food into energy. Read about the achievement

Paul Dudley White

For distinguished achievement in the pathology, diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases, rheumatic and coronary. Read about the achievement

Earle Bernard Phelps

In recognition of a lifetime of pioneering leadership in public health and sanitary science. Read about the achievement

Felix J. Underwood

For demonstrating how a long-sustained, sound and expanding pattern of health services benefits a people. Read about the achievement


Frank Boudreau, Milbank Memorial Fund, Chair of the Jury

Gaylord Anderson, University of Minnesota ● Leona Baumgartner, New York Foundation ● Donald Fraser, University of Toronto ● T. Duckett Jones, Helen Hay Whitney Foundation ● Robert Loeb, Columbia University ● Hugh Morgan, Vanderbilt University ● Roy Morton, Oak Ridge National Laboratory ● Cornelius Rhoads, Memorial Hospital ● Leonard Scheele, Warner-Chilcott Laboratories ● Marion Sheahan, National Committee for Improvement of Nursing Service ● Austin Smith, Journal of the American Medical Association ● C.J. Van Slyke, National Institutes of Health