1948 Lasker Awards

Vincent du Vigneaud

For studies of transmethylation as essential to animal nutrition, and for contributions to the structure and synthesis of biotin and penicillin. Read about the achievement

Selman A. Waksman, René J. Dubos

For studies of the antibiotic properties of soil bacteria leading to the discovery of streptomycin. Read about the achievement

Martha M. Eliot

For administrative achievement in the organization and operation of the Emergency Maternal and Infant Care Program of the Children’s Bureau. Read about the achievement

R.E. Dyer

For scientific accomplishments in the field of microbiological research and for distinguished service as Director of the National Institutes of Health during the war and postwar years. Read about the achievement


Francis Blake, Yale University Medical School ● Thomas Francis, Jr., University of Michigan ● John Hoskins, US Public Health Service ● Charles King, Nutrition Foundation ● Robert Loeb, Columbia University ● Edward McGavran, University of North Carolina ● James Simmons, Harvard University ● Ernest Stebbins, Johns Hopkins University

1948 Lasker Award Ceremony

Left to right: Selman Waksman, Paul Magnuson, Martha Elliot, Paul Hawley, Mary Lasker, George Baehr, George Strode (for Rene Dubos), Vincent Du Vigneaud, R. E. Dryer