1960 Albert Lasker Public Service Award

Legislative leadership for medical research

For more than 40 years as a public health leader first in China and India and during the post-war years as an international consultant on medical care, John Black Grant has served humanity with distinction and mature understanding.

Born in Ningpo, China, he joined the staff of The Rockefeller Foundation in 1918 and spent almost two decades in the Far East as a key figure in the Peking University Medical College and The Rockefeller Foundation's China program. He recognized early the necessity of raising the standard of living by improvements in agriculture, education, and village administration as a basis for a permanent public health program.

From China, Dr. Grant moved to India to serve as Director of the All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, which today plays a major role throughout the Orient. Later he became interested in the crucial problem of providing better medical care in those countries with progressive systems of conventional medicine, surgery and public health. This led him to his present post as technical consultant to the regionalization project in Puerto Rico.

International statesman of public health, a recognized authority on the problems of preventive medicine and medical care, John Grant has exerted tremendous influence on modern health programs in many parts of this world.