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Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation is pleased to share media coverage of its awards, programs, and outreach initiatives.

2019 Media Coverage

Cell: Stories, conversations, and benchmarks


JAMA viewpoint: Max Cooper and Jacques Miller
JAMA viewpoint: Michael Shepard
JAMA viewpoint: Seth Berkley



NEJM: The cellular determinants of adaptive immunity
NEJM: HER2 and breast cancer—a phenomenal success story



New York Times: Lasker Awards honor advances in modern immunology



Nature: Immune-cell pioneers win prestigious Lasker Awards



JCI: Coverage of the 2019 Lasker Awards



LA Times: UCLA's Dennis Slamon wins Lasker Award


2018 Media Coverage

Cell: Stories, conversations, benchmarks

JAMA: Viewpoints from Basic and Clinical winners

NEJM: Unveiling the RNA world

New York Times: 2018 Lasker Awards

Nature: The Lasker Awards Collection

JCI: RNA biologist Joan Steitz awarded 2018 Lasker~Koshland Special Achievement prize

Scientific American: RNA expert wins "American Nobel"

Science: If you've had anesthesia, you can likely thank this veterinarian

La Times: UCLA scientist share 2018 Lasker Prize for figuring out how genes turn on and off

The Guardian: British vet wins top research award for breakthrough anaesthetic

Inside Philanthropy: A science award with a heart celebrates a tireless advocate for gender equality

2017 Media Coverage

Cell: Stories, conversations, benchmarks

JAMA: Viewpoints from Clinical and Public Service winners

NEJM: Game of TOR — The target of rapamycin rules four kingdoms

New York Times: Lasker Prizes go to Planned Parenthood and developers of HPV vaccine

Wall Street Journal: Two government researchers honored with 2017 Lasker Award

Scientific American: What's next after creating a cancer-prevention vaccine?

Washington Post: HPV researchers, Planned Parenthood win prestigious Lasker medical awards

Science: Lasker prizes recognize work on cell growth, cancer prevention, and reproductive care

LA Times: Lasker Awards honor Planned Parenthood and research on preventing and fighting cancer

Fortune: Prevention gets its day

Inside Philanthropy: Prestigious research awards put the spotlight on women's health

2016 Media Coverage

Cell: Stories, conversations, benchmarks

JAMA: Viewpoints from Basic, Clinical, and Special Achievement winners

NEJM: The hypoxia response pathway -- hats off!

JCI: The 2017 Lasker Awards

New York Times: Laskers given for work in physiology, virology, and science education

Wall Street Journal: Scientists honored for hep C research

Lancet: Lasker Foundation announces award winners for 2016

Scientific American: Inventor of hepatitis C cure wins a major prize

2015 Media Coverage

New York Times:  Laskers Given for Discoveries in Cancer and Genetics, and for Ebola Response

Cell: Essays, conversation, and commentary

JAMA: DNA-Damage Response -- Self-Awareness for DNA

JCI: The 2016 Lasker Awards

NEJM: Releasing the Brakes on Cancer Immunotherapy

Wall Street Journal: Lasker Awards Go to Scientists for Cancer Research, Ebola Response

Scientific American: Cancer Immunotherapy Pioneer Nets Major Prize 

Lancet: Lasker Foundation Announces Award Winners for 2015