The Art of Science

What connects science and creativity? How does a series of experiments come to be regarded as "elegant" or a body of research deemed "beautiful"?

Joseph L. Goldstein, Chair of the Medical Research Awards Jury, explores these topics in his annual essays on the deep relationship between art and science.

2001: Knockout mice and test tube babies

There are no grand unified theories to guide experiments, so conceptual advances in the biomedical sciences are crucially dependent on technological innovations. Goldstein discusses two innovations - knockout mice and IVF - that revolutionized biology research and the practice of medicine. 

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2002: Synergy and symbiosis à la Matisse-Picasso

Advances in sciences and the arts often result from synergistic interactions and symbiotic relationships between pairs of individuals. An example of such interaction in the arts is the nature of the Matisse-Picasso relationship. 


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