The Lasker Foundation is celebrating its anniversary! 75 years ago, Albert and Mary Lasker established the Foundation to accelerate support for medical research. Today, we carry on their legacy by recognizing achievements across the full spectrum of medical research, advocating for science, and providing educational programs.

To commemorate this special year, we reflect on the groundbreaking work of our Laureates and look forward to the research breakthroughs that the next 75 years may hold. 


James P. Allison: Crusading for cancer immunotherapy

Allison shares how his early-career fascination with T-cell behavior eventually led to monoclonal antibody therapy for melanoma, a fundamentally new strategy for treating cancer. 

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Stanley N. Cohen: Transforming molecular biology 

Cohen’s quest to understand how bacteria share genes laid a foundation for recombinant DNA technology and helped expand the biological promise of genetic engineering.

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